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Water Filtration Plant In-a-Box


A large water filtration company in North America was looking to develop an easily transportable and portable water filtration plant – one that could be deployed quickly and efficiently on a global scale. In this particular case, this portable filtration plant was destined for South America.


Storage containers because of their durability, adaptability, affordability (compared to traditional in place construction) and ability to pretty much ship anywhere – was identified as the optimal solution.


From start-to-completion the project’s total build time was 28 days. To kick-off the process the customer supplied our custom container team with detailed working/mechanical drawings for the project. The first step involved a comprehensive review of the project objectives and preliminary project plans with the client’s engineering team, quality control department and our internal implementation experts. The reasoning: Our shipping container customization team, because of our deep experience in complex container modifications will typically identify additional cost savings and mechanical improvement opportunities. Once the final work plan is establish container modifications began immediately.

During the build process, we typically maintain active dialogue with the customer regarding the schedule and also providing photos documenting the progress. This project was no different. Several photos of the finished project are also included below.

Water Filtration Container: Man Door

water filtration shipping container


Water Filtration Container:   Custom Hose Hook-Up

portable water filtration


Water Filtration Container:  Floor Drain on Custom Finished Floors

filtration shipping container


Water Filtration Container:  Custom Interior

water filtration storage container


Water Filtration Container:  Full View of 45′ Hi-Cube Unit

water filtration plant


Water Filtration Container:  HVAC/BARD Unit

Water Filtration Containers