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Construction Storage

Secure, versatile, affordable solutions for all your on-site storage needs

For years, the toughness, portability and economy of shipping containers have made them a mainstay for storing equipment and supplies on construction sites everywhere. Advantage Structures LLC is one of the Midwest’s accomplished providers of construction storage containers, thanks in large part to custom capabilities we’ve developed around the specialized needs of the customers we serve. From a full range of door and entry choices to a wide variety of state-of-the-art security options, we’re uniquely equipped to design and deliver the construction storage solution that’s exactly right for you.

Sample Design Options

  • 20’, 40’ and 53’ Lengths
  • Swinging Doors
  • Rollup Doors
  • Windows
  • Rollup Doors
  • Swinging Doors
  • Double Cargo Doors
  • Lock-Boxes
  • Secured Entries
  • Modular Designs
  • Exterior Finishing

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