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Construction Office

The affordable choice for comfort, style and security

In recent years, shipping containers modified for use as on-site construction offices represent one of our fastest growing business segments, and for good reason. More affordable and much sturdier than conventional construction trailers, shipping containers can be readily modified to create any kind of office environment, from bare-bones basic to boardroom beautiful and anything in between. They also lend themselves to modular designs that give you the flexibility to fashion your space to fit your exact needs. Whatever kind of office you have in mind, no one is better prepared to bring it to life than the experts at Advantage Structures LLC.

Finishing Capabilities

  • 20′ Standard Dry Container
  • 20′ Double door (Cargo doors on both ends)
  • 40′ Standard Dry Container
  • 40′ Double door (Cargo doors on both ends)
  • 40′ High Cube Dry Container
  • 40′ Double door (Double Cargo doors on both ends)
  • 45′ High Cube Container
  • 48′ High Cube Container
  • 53′ High Cube Extra Wide
  • 110″ (2 Pallets will fit side by side)

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