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Customer-Specific Solutions? That’s Our Specialty.

At Advantage Structures, LLC, our core business is providing shipping containers that are customized to your specific needs. Whether you’re a local business, or a company with global reach; whether you need a simple solution, or something more unusual; we’ll sit down with you to determine the best answer. And then we’ll build it.

Advantage was recently contacted by Gardner Denver, a global provider of air compressor and vacuum equipment for the industrial, energy and medical industries. Specifically, they needed a mobile solution to reach areas where a temporary air compressor system was called for. Advantage converted two standard 20’ shipping containers into vacuum/compressor stations that can be picked up and delivered to any required site. Modifications included a wide set of doors along the long side of the container for easy access, provisions for venting, and pipe penetrations and sleeves for utility connections. The floor was heavily rebuilt with 1” steel beams and cross members underneath reinforced steel plating, welded plates to secure the compressor equipment, and trays with drain systems to prevent leakage. Each container was finished with industrial-grade gun metal paint for long-term durability.

Several images of the process and product can be viewed below:

International Locations and Requirements? No Problem.

Advantage Structures, LLC can build a container for virtually any need, and that’s not limited to the American market. For over six years, our custom conversions have included international customers.

Advantage was recently contacted by Calbrandt, an industry leader in railcar handling equipment with a global reach and market. They had a unique requirement – a container to be used as an operating space for railcar switch gear motor mechanisms, to be installed at an oceanfront facility. To meet their needs, Advantage converted a 20’ open-side container with modifications including a fully galvanized floor, specialized bolts to hold the equipment in place, and provisions for custom aluminum venting systems. The container is divided into two separate areas, each with its own door – one for the operators, the other for the equipment itself. And due to the oceanfront location, the exterior received a special 25-year marine grade paint treatment for corrosion protection. Several photos of the finished container are shown below.

Exterior Electrical Control Center – Australia
Exterior Electrical Control Center – Australia
Exterior Electrical Control Center – Australia
Exterior Electrical Control Center – Australia
Interior Electrical Control Center – Australia
Interior Electrical Control Center – Australia

“Sidecar” is a 5-star success

In June, diners in Fort Wayne got their first taste of “container dining” as popular downtown restaurant Wine Down Tastings and Tapas unveiled “The Sidecar,” a new outdoor bar and grill built from a 40-foot shipping container purchased from and finished by Advantage Structures. Produced in collaboration with local construction management firm Mosaic Building Solutions, the Sidecar boasts a full service bar and kitchen, counter seating for 30, and as you’ll see, one very cool addition to the city’s downtown streetscape.

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After Photos



Water Filtration Plant In-a-Box


A large water filtration company in North America was looking to develop an easily transportable and portable water filtration plant – one that could be deployed quickly and efficiently on a global scale. In this particular case, this portable filtration plant was destined for South America.


Storage containers because of their durability, adaptability, affordability (compared to traditional in place construction) and ability to pretty much ship anywhere – was identified as the optimal solution.


From start-to-completion the project’s total build time was 28 days. To kick-off the process the customer supplied our custom container team with detailed working/mechanical drawings for the project. The first step involved a comprehensive review of the project objectives and preliminary project plans with the client’s engineering team, quality control department and our internal implementation experts. The reasoning: Our shipping container customization team, because of our deep experience in complex container modifications will typically identify additional cost savings and mechanical improvement opportunities. Once the final work plan is establish container modifications began immediately.

During the build process, we typically maintain active dialogue with the customer regarding the schedule and also providing photos documenting the progress. This project was no different. Several photos of the finished project are also included below.

Water Filtration Container: Man Door

water filtration shipping container


Water Filtration Container:   Custom Hose Hook-Up

portable water filtration


Water Filtration Container:  Floor Drain on Custom Finished Floors

filtration shipping container


Water Filtration Container:  Custom Interior

water filtration storage container


Water Filtration Container:  Full View of 45′ Hi-Cube Unit

water filtration plant


Water Filtration Container:  HVAC/BARD Unit

Water Filtration Containers