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One Cool Customer: Coca-Cola Ice House at NRG Park

At Advantage Structures, no two projects are ever quite the same. We offer shipping container modification solutions for a variety of clients, in dozens of markets which include construction, industrial applications, bars & restaurants, and most recently…a rodeo show!

This past winter, Advantage Structures was contracted by Evolve Concepts to collaborate in converting and modifying three 40’ HC shipping containers for the Coca-Cola Ice House featured at NRG Park in Houston, Texas as one of the newest attractions at the 2022 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The Ice House, a refreshments and apparel kiosk, served as a meet up point for rodeo attendees to relax, refresh, and find some umbrella shade from the hot Texas sun.

The custom built kiosk was constructed per the client’s drawings and specifications by modifying three new 40’ High Cube containers. Part of the build required the creation of two 20’ HC containers by splitting a 40’ HC container into two 20’ sections.

Advantage Structures was tasked with converting the containers and performing most of the modifications, which included the steelwork, painting, and ensuring structural integrity. Advantage fabricated and installed the roof top deck trays for the upper deck, hand rail mounting brackets and created a utility closet on the interior of one of the 20’ HC containers using the left over corrugated panel scraps.

The project was a time-sensitive, expedited job. Advantage delivered the final product both on-time and in accordance with the client’s specifications, leaving all parties pleased with the end result. Several photos of the finished product are included below.