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Exit Stage Left: Our Contributions to Detroit’s Container Globe Theatre

Seven years ago, rock band business manager Angus Vail had an idea. A lifelong music & theater enthusiast, Young has always been fascinated by all facets of Shakespearean theater – especially the legend surrounding the Globe Theatre, the iconic home to many of William Shakespeare’s original 17th-century theatrical runs.

Vail’s idea was simple, and to the point: what if someone created a replica of the Globe Theatre? Or, more specifically, what if someone created a replica of the Globe Theatre…using repurposed shipping containers? That idea has become a reality as the Container Globe Theatre in Detroit inches closer and closer to the finish line.

The Container Globe Theatre, set to be positioned in the Virginia Park neighborhood in Detroit, will be a fully modular, mobile entertainment site. The Theatre can be moved, reconfigured, and reassembled to fit a variety of different uses including theatrical performances, dance productions, and community events.

The Theatre will be made up of 28 modified shipping containers of various sizes, configured in a ring around the main stage. The containers will be used as seating galleries, stacked two high, with the seating capacity for 400 spectators. There will be standing room in front of the stage that will accommodate an additional 400-600 attendees, bringing the grand total to around 1,000 guests.

As part of the installation, Advantage Structures was charged with modifying four of the seating gallery containers – two 40’ ground-level containers, and two 40’ second-story containers that are stacked on top of the ground containers. Advantage Structures cut & framed a 9’ long x 3’ wide stairwell opening in the roof panel of the ground-level container and an accompanying floor opening in the second story container to accommodate the staircase which allows access to the second floor. Structural engineers were utilized to assure the safety of the design when stationing and reinforcing both the safety railings and the balcony openings.

Advantage Structures is extremely grateful to have been involved in such a unique project, and we can’t wait till the Container Globe Theatre is fully operational! Stay tuned for more updates.

For more on the project, visit the complete news release here.